Professional degreasing<br/>of enamels

Professional degreasing
of enamels

Degreasing is simply the removal of various impurities from the surface of steel (oxides, foreign matter, etc.). This is an extremely important stage in many industrial processes. It means enamelled surfaces are clean and smooth.

Kitchenware prepared in this way can be used in various further technological processes, including those related to the production of food grade wares.

Why trust us?

Why trust us?

Trust professionals with extensive industry experience. At Olkuskie Wyroby Emaliowane we provide a range of metal plastic working services. Enamelled kitchenware and cookware are our speciality. The entire production process takes place in-house.

We mix the minerals needed to create enamel ourselves and fire our pots in kilns at temperatures as high as 800-900 degrees Celsius! Our workshops use basic enamel application methods, i.e. spray coating and manual application. Our products are handcrafted, pots are hand painted and decorated. Not to mention the largest number of colours and shades available on the market.

Let us know<br/>what you need

Let us know
what you need

For years we have been making an effort to supply quality enamelware, which is not only attractive but also functional.
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