We are passionate<br/>about enamelware

We are passionate
about enamelware

Quality<br/>in your home

in your home

Iconic designs<br/>for every occasion

Iconic designs
for every occasion

Enamelware<br/>you'll fall in love with

you'll fall in love with

Practically indestructible, compatible with all hob types and conveniently dishwasher safe. Enamelled cookware and kitchenware you simply can't help falling in love with!

Enamelware is reminiscent of the times when only the freshest, local ingredients were used to prepare unforgettably delicious and fragrant dishes. And regardless of whether you'll be cooking, stewing, frying or baking, enamel pots will be your perfect kitchen companion. You will not be disappointed!

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Enamelling tradition<br/>is in our blood

Enamelling tradition
is in our blood

We are keeping alive a 100 year old tradition of handmaking enamelled cookware and kitchenware in Olkusz. Traditional production methods ensure our products have that vintage feel. We rely on the experience and know-how of the best craftsmen. Enamelware from Olkusz, known both in Poland and abroad, is appreciated for its quality and impeccable workmanship. Our kitchenware and cookware is highly sought after by small restaurants serving homemade food as well as large establishments hosting events such as wedding receptions and balls.