Enamelware<br/>made with love

made with love

Enamel kitchenware and cookware have that something which contemporary products, made using machines and high technologies, lack. They have a soul and a unique character. That is because there is an individual behind the production of every pot, teapot or mug. We believe that even the best technology and the most innovative methods will never be a good substitute for human experience and passion which our workers rely on each and every day.

Kitchenware you'll be able<br/>to take anywhere

Kitchenware you'll be able
to take anywhere

Enamelled products are not only beautiful but also universal. However, first and foremost they are reliable and practical. Remember there are no good shortcuts when cooking! Passion and love are needed to cook delicious food. Enamel pots are an indispensable item in every kitchen. Enamel pots are strong, durable, resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures, they can be used with all hob types or in ovens. Once finished, simply pop them into a dishwasher.

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Our wares will be at home both in professional as well as amateur kitchens. Olkuskie Wyroby Emaliowane stands for quality pots, beautiful bowls, gravy-boats, teapots as well as plates and trays. You will also find an enamel soap holder and an enamel breadbin in our catalogue.

Let us know<br/>what you need

Let us know
what you need

For years we have been making an effort to supply quality enamelware, which is not only attractive but also functional.
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